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Pro Form

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Pro Form is a pelleted supplement designed specifically for performance horses. It is a revolutionary leap forward in the equine nutrition field, formulated to not only deliver the essentials needed by horses to handle every day demands, but also to give them an extra boost in stamina and endurance while enhancing exercise tolerance. It does this while maintaining a calm temperament. It utilizes a special ingredient coating technology that allows for prevention of ulcers in both the fore AND hindgut. This breakthrough bypass technology neutralizes acidity, therefore helping to eliminate ulcers and pre-ulcerous pain throughout the entire digestive tract. It contains non-acidic joint compounds that maintain joint mobility and promote healthy joints.

A 50 Lb. Tub (266 Day Supply) costs just $1.88 per day to feed! 

Pro Form comes in convenient, resealable tubs made of durable plastic.



“We just really have been impressed with EXP! After using numerous supplements, this one (Pro Form) has been our favorite. We like the way our horses are looking, and mostly how they feel. We are having to use next to no ulcer meds on ones that usually have to stay on meds. They seem happy and content! We have been very impressed with the results from EXP!”

— Ashley Flynn



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